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Gogo Vision & SDK
Gogo Vision offers streaming of Fairplay and Widevine encrypted videos and TV shows wirelessly to a user's device. On thousands of commercial aircraft globally, Gogo Vision delivers over 4 million movies and TV shows every month for airline passengers. With an accompanying SDK, airlines can integrate Gogo Vision within their own app and control the passenger's flight experence from take-off to landing.
Crew Connect
Crew Connect is a dynamic messaging platform using MQTT that allows flight crews to communicate with each other, and with ground crews, by voice or text messaging, while the aircraft is in flight.
Network IQ
Network IQ is an iOS and Android app used to measure network performance as an end user would perceive it. Tests include automated visiting websites, streaming videos, streaming audio, downloading files, uploading files, DNS tests, ICMP ping tests, UDP ping tests, and tests under load. Designed specifically with the aviation industry in mind with the technologies most used inflight.
IFE Native Storefront
Natively browse and play thousands of movies and TV titles in this Inflight Entertainment app. Utilizing the Gogo Vision SDK to play content and serving the media catalog from RESTful services.
IFE Web Storefront
Browse and play thousands of movies, TV, and watch live TV in thie Inflight Entertainment app built for modern web browsers. Restfully gets catalog content from the onboard server.
Gogo Onboard Portal
Gogo's Onboard Portal is the first thing passengers will encounter inflight. The onboard portal was built as a monorepo with configurations based on each airline's features and needs.
TAPS (Turbulence Auto-PIREP System) is an automatic turbulence reporting system that calculates turbulent events and sends the report to the ground in real time. TAPS improves collaboration between pilots, dispatch, and air traffic controllers for flight path changes needed for weather avoidance saving the airine industry millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs.
Onboard Maintenance App
The Onboard Maintenance App provides enhanced user experience, detailed visuals, onboard computer and connections operational statuses, and built-in testing capabilities that are embedded within the airborne software. Any laptop with a modern web browser can be used to perform system maintenance onboard the aircraft.
Crew Panel App
Crew Panel is an app that displays operational information regarding the health of the in-cabin network.
Spottr App
Spottr is an Instagram-like app that will display photos that you have been spotted in from facial and pattern recognition.
LiveShare uses a photo taken at an event, syncs with the event marketing platform for data analytics, and then the user can share their photo through social media, email, and text messaging. See what KHOUS11 had to say about it at the Houston Auto Show and what Illinois Business Week had to say at the Chicago Auto Show
Snapshot is a photo marketing app that engages with consumers at events taking an Instagram-like photo and collecting user data to feed an analytics platform.
QuickCapture is a branded dynamic survey that is used to capture potential leads and consumer events. Utilizing a lot of technology such as device to device syncing, address verification, drivers license scanning, offline data collection, and multi-language support.
QuickPrize is a prize and game app used to draw attendees into event displays. Prize setup and management screens allow experiential marketers to manage a mix of premium inventory for maximum efficiency.
SurveyGen is a survey generaion tool written in python/Django used to build custom questions and survey flow patterns. The surveys built help drive the dynamic surveys used by QuickCapture.
Cadillac Microsites
Winner of a Event Marketer 2012 Gold Ex Award for Best Online Event Portal, the Cadillac Microsites were a series of websites that provided an elegant way to interact with consumers before, during and after the user's experiential activation. Watch a video of me taking a CTS-V a couple of laps around a track at one of Cadillac's events.
Rapid Response
Rapid Response is an email-based event technology used to engage consumers with actionable follow-ups. The emails generated are dynamic based on the user's interactions at the event they originally engaged in.